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High Wycombe Tree Surgeons, Buckinghamshire

Have you ever had a tree brushing up against a cable line, sending nerve-racking sensations through your home and neighbourhood? Or maybe you’ve experienced overgrown trees and shrubs crowding your lawn.

It could even be that you have an enormous stump from a previously cut-down tree that it’s in the way of your landscaping plans! Who do you call?

Whether you are dealing with tree removals, stump grinding or tree maintenance, it’s essential to have a go-to tree surgeon company nearby that you can trust.

Finding tree services in High Wycombe to perform tree services has never been easier! But you must ensure your company guarantees the following services and commitments to their clients. Our tree surgery is dedicated to providing a professional, high-quality tree care service.

We are fully insured for all aspects of our business and maintain the highest level of safety standards to protect you and your property.

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No Work TOO BIG Or Too Small.

All work is fully insured, certified and carried out to the highest health and safety standards.

Professional Tree Care in High Wycombe

Most tree surgeons offer the same services, such as trimming and root removal, but not all do. The most important service to look for in your search is emergency tree services. You never know when a lightning strike might send a tree crashing into your home, restaurant, or office. You can’t anticipate when a tree will fall from a strong gust of wind and knock out your cables, leaving your building and employees entirely without power.  Other tree services to check to include tree felling, tree pruning, tree trimming, cable and bracing, tree removal, hedge trimming, stump removal and grinding.


Tree Surgeon High Wycombe Services

Our tree surgery services are competitively priced with the best in the industry. Offering emergency cover 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for those unfortunate events when sudden storms and accidents happen without warning. The right tree surgeon company will be there to help you get your property back on its feet quickly and efficiently so that it’s safe again after such an event.

We offer professional advice about how we can deal with all aspects of emergencies following disasters like hurricanes, fires and broken cable lines, including meeting insurance requirements if they apply to what has happened at your premises. If it doesn’t look safe, don’t take the risk and hire a fully qualified tree surgeon who will maintain your trees, so they last as long as possible without endangering anyone in their vicinity.

We are proud to offer our clients high-quality services at competitive prices which are affordable with no hidden charges or nasty surprises! Our work is fully insured and guaranteed against unforeseen circumstances that may arise while carrying out this type of service.


Tree Removal

When you have a tree posing a safety risk or has grown to be too large, it may need to come down. The most common reasons for tree removal are damage from storms or disease in the tree’s trunk.

What about if you live near power lines? Sometimes there’s no other option when these dangers exist and take root close together.

Our fully qualified tree care team will make sure you have space and light to enjoy now that we’ve removed your tree.

Tree Pruning

Our professional tree care team are experts when it comes to pruning trees. We know the best time of year for each tree type, and we’ll make sure you have a healthy-looking tree that will grow with grace and beauty.

Tree pruning is a process that is often done in the winter months when trees are dormant. The tree is cut back to a healthy shape with an even thickness and branching pattern.

Tree Stump Removal & Grinding

A tree surgeon will know best how to remove a tree stump and what equipment would be required. Tree stump grinding is a process whereby the tree stump is grated.

Holes can be drilled and filled with solvent or using a propeller-shaped object to spin against its outer surface. Our fully qualified tree surgeons in High Wycombe are available to recommend the best course of action for stump grinding and removal.

Tree Felling

To keep things safe, sometimes a tree needs to be cut down in sections while still standing. Tree Felling removes a tree by cutting it down in areas and then lowering each section to ground level.

It can take some time, depending on the tree’s height and how much equipment is needed. We take safety very seriously and will work with you to ensure tree felling is done safely.

Once the tree has been cut down, the wood can then reused for wood chip or firewood. The chips can be used for landscaping purposes or as animal bedding, while the wood can be used for heating your home. Our tree surgery is constantly recycling when possible.

Tree Crown Reduction

We recommend tree crown reduction for trees that are not providing enough shade or causing an obstacle for sunlight.

Crown reduction is the process of removing live, healthy branches from a tree crown to create more light and provide better airflow.

Tree Maintenance

It is vital to maintain the health of your trees. Tree care has many processes that encourage healthy foliage from the first planting to maturity.

Trees can quickly become diseased or sick without an experienced tree surgeon identifying a problem before it gets out of hand. 

Preventative care will benefit from tree inspections annually and assure your trees will be around for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A tree surgeon is a professional who specialises in the maintenance and surgery of trees. They help enrich, maintain or restore tree health and work with communities to choose what kind of tree will best suit an area’s needs.

The charges for tree surgery vary depending on where you live and the type of work required. On average, tree surgeons charge between £50 -£150 per hour, typically with a minimum charge of £30 for an initial visit and the same hourly rate on following visits. You should always contact your local arborists for an accurate quote before booking any work with them.

The difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon is that an arborist will diagnose and manage the health of a tree for conservation, public safety or aesthetics. A tree surgeon does everything from routine pruning to significant surgery on overgrown branches or those in danger of collapse.

Yes, a tree surgeon requires qualifications; they will usually have a degree or diploma in forestry. They also need to complete the appropriate tree surgery qualification and undergo safety training such as Safer Use of Plant Equipment (SUPE)

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