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When a tree has become hazardous, or its roots are simply in the wrong place, tree removal is the usual solution. A tree stump is left behind after the tree has been removed. Stumps can remain in place for some time, especially if they are not very high; however, they may also create tripping hazards or inhibit the growth of new trees.

Stump removal isn’t a simple task, and you should only attempt it if your stump is not too high or dangerous. Stump removal can be done using traditional methods, such as a chainsaw to cut the outer layers away from the core. It can require the correct specialist equipment, great technique and precision because once the stump has been cut, permanently remove tree stumps in a way that blends in with the original surroundings. Stump removal is not only a matter of physical work but also a visual detail. The best way to avoid stump problems is to remove the tree when possible before it becomes too big and hazardous.

There are many different techniques available to tackle this kind of work. We always begin by taking stock of the situation, learning how it needs to be tackled and assessing all possibilities before deciding on which one will be most appropriate for any particular job.

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Why Remove Tree Stumps

There are many reasons why a person might wish to get rid of their tree stumps. Stump grinding, chipping and excavation may be employed in combination or individually.

  1. A tree stump can affect the growth of new trees; for this reason, it is essential to remove tree stumps carefully and completely. Stump removal
  2. For safety reasons, a stump could be a trip hazard that could lead to injuries.
  3. Tree stumps can attract bacteria which can lead to diseases.
  4. A tree stump could be considered unsightly, especially in a garden or near a property.

Tree Stump Removal Techniques

Several techniques are used by our tree surgery to remove stumps. These include:


Excavation is the process of removing the top layers of soil from around the stump, digging underneath it and cutting off any exposed roots. Heavy machinery may be involved to lift or remove the earth and other unwanted materials.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment is the process of drilling holes into the stump and injecting a specially made chemical to kill the roots. It will travel to the tree’s roots taking with it any unwanted substances. The chemicals can also be an effective insecticide to prevent the spread of insects that may damage other plants.

Situations Tree Surgeons Aim To Avoid

No one wants a giant hole left behind after removing a tree stump, so our professional tree surgeons methods are all about leaving the garden site looking as good or better than it did before. Stump removal can be invasive, time-consuming, and challenging, but we aim to make it simple, easy, and efficient.

Trees are living things that provide valuable protection for our environment. We aim to do everything possible to ensure that their stumps can fertilise new growth with rich nutrients after they have been removed. We understand the process and provide only the best for our customers.

Our stump removal in High Wycombe is one of our specialties. A complete stump removal doesn’t have to be impossible, and we promise to leave your garden looking great even if it does seem impossible right now.

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